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One would hardly notice anyone sticking to their purpose of existence and the motto of being a responsive part of the society and industry. Inspired by its own name, Sun Insulators is one entity that exactly knows how to make best use of its prowess in bringing growth to its industry and the nation.

With the aspiration of becoming the ultimate source of power and energy, Sun Insulators has today reached a status where it will in no time become internationally famous.

Currently, one of the leading manufacturers of High Quality Insulators, Sun Insulators is just thriving harder to be the ultimate winner in every sphere, be it machinery, technology, management, quality and undoubtedly, growth and success.

Discover with us the technical excellence and production expertise of Sun Insulators…

About Sun Insulators

Since its inception, Sun Insulators has been manufacturing products that have proved to be successful in fulfilling customers’ varied and distinct product requirements. The highly sophisticated products are produced by the latest technology and most updated procedures that have given Sun Insulators not only national but international acclamation also.

The strict adherence to quality standards further enhances the trust of customers and they hugely rely upon us. Suppliers, associates, traders too consider Sun Insulators, a reliable name in the industry.

The dedication of the company towards customers and their ultimate satisfaction is so much so that an all together new level of strong long-term relationships has built; and the company leaves no stone unturned in maintaining it. Our clients entrust us completely for receiving the best in the industry. In fact it is our commitment towards performance that not only strongly bonds the old customers with us but also interests new ones.

Valuing the customers, understanding their exact need, adjusting to their suitability, and cooperating at every step of production form an integral part of the system of working at Sun Insulators.

Infrastructure Sun Insulators

The years of experience in the industry, the knowledge gained, the fulfilling services and products, all of it together plays an important role in the success of a company. And at Sun insulators, besides all of the above, we keep a strong and comprehensive infrastructure as the base foundation. Yes, for Sun Insulators, upholding the most updated technology and the latest machinery and equipment is the first priority. Hence, we are sure of the success that will follow.

Sun Insulators Pvt. Ltd. has an industrial unit for manufacturing of Porcelain Insulators at Bareja, Dist. Ahmedabad. The Plant is located at a mere 30 km distance from Ahmedabad and 70 km from Vadodara. This unit has a manufacturing capacity of 5000 M.Tonnes p.a. of Ceramic Insulators.

The sophisticated machines at Sun Insulators Plant, function with high level of time & cost efficiency resulting in reasonable price of products for the customers.

The workforce is far more than commendable. It is efficient, well-trained, qualified and responsible. The company has chosen the best ceramic engineers mostly from renowned institutes. The workforce also has an in-depth knowledge of the entire product range.

At the same time, a proficient management team keeps a smooth work flow at Sun Insulators. The promoters are highly knowledgeable especially in the fields of finance, management and industrial control.

Mr. G.C. Surana, C.A., with 35 years of industrial experience, promote the company along with Mr. Priyank Surana, having 2 years of experience.

Quality Sun Insulators

Quality of the products reflects the efficacy of a company. For Sun insulators, it’s not just the qualitative result that is important but also the entire journey that should be quality-driven for reaching ultimate success.

The company’s products and their quality leave the customers astonished and the competitors, envious. From the production floor to the organizational structure, from manpower to resources, from raw material to the finished products, the entire process adheres to strict quality measures.

The testimony of the high quality of products is the approval from NABL laboratory and the certification of the company under ISO 9001-2008.

The in-house quality inspection team further helps Sun Insulators in staying ahead of its competitors each single time. The team follows stringent quality measures, undergoes regular quality checks and adopts procedures that help in improving the production. The errors are rectified immediately to come up with better quality of products.

Sun Insulators also conducts rigorous physical and mechanical tests on all machines and equipment, before they are released for final delivery to the end users.

R & D Dept.

Sun Insulators has to its advantage a fully-equipped proficient Laboratory that functions to bring up products that meet the best standards of the industry. Every single product of Sun Insulators is “CE” marked; and approves and complies with international safety standards. Needless to say, since quality is given the top priority, this company follows the quality system as per ISO 9001-2008. At the same time, continuous efforts as always on at Sun Insulators premises to further heighten the quality standards of all the products.

Products Sun Insulators

1. Pin Insulator

2. Post Insulator

3. Disc Insulator

4. Transformer Bushing

5. L/T Insulators


Pin Insulator

11 kv pin insulator

22 KV Pin Insulator

33 KV Pin Insulator

Post Insulator

11 kv Post

22 kv Post

33 kv Post

Disc Insulator

45 kN Disc Insulator

70 KN disc Insulator

90 KN disc Insulator

120 KN disc Insulator

Transformer Bushing

12 kv 250 Amp

L/T Insulators

shackle insulators

Guy Strain Insulators

Pin Type Insulators

Kitkat Fuse

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